Saw 3 Starts Filming in Toronto

Posted by: Michael
According to a scooper in the know Saw 3 is beginning shooting in Toronto with the same crew that made Saw 2 the big hit that it was. Gonna be honest, SAW 2 did nothing for me but the first one kicked some serious ass. Anyrate, with Saw 2 filming in toronto it should be interesting to see what tidbits of news start rolling in.
"Saw II" set a Lionsgate record with a three-day opening weekend of $31.7 million last Halloween, becoming the widest release in Lionsgate history and achieving one of the best opening weekends ever for a horror sequel.  With a domestic box office of over $87 million and more than $148 million in worldwide theatrical box office, "Saw II" easily eclipsed the $55 million domestic box office total of the original Saw.  Saw and Saw  II have grossed nearly $250 million in combined worldwide box office.

"Yes, there will be more blood," said Block and Constantine.  "'Saw III' will involve the same creative forces responsible for the tremendous success of 'Saw II'. The Twisted team of Mark and Oren, along with Darren, James and Leigh, have all agreed to be prominently involved in "Saw III". We are proud to be partnered with some of the most disturbing creative talents on the planet, and the Saw franchise will ensure that gore becomes every bit as much a Halloween staple as ghosts, goblins and candy corn." Block noted that the film will be dedicated to Twisted Pictures principal and "Saw" producer Gregg Hoffman, who passed away in November 2005.

"We have been discussing story lines that extend the Saw franchise to new limits and beyond with Lionsgate for the past several months," said Burg and Koules. "The most important element of any franchise is remaining true to the roots of its success.  We believe that we are developing a script that is certain to please the Saw franchise’s core fans while adding fresh, terrifying and unimaginable new twists to the Saw saga. Jigsaw himself would be proud."

"Saw III" joins an upcoming Lionsgate slate that includes Trent Cooper’s "Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector" (March 24), the inspirational "Akeelah And The Bee", starring Laurence Fishburne, Angela Bassett and Keke Palmer (April 28), the provocative Sundance sensation "Hard Candy" (April), Lionsgate’s first entry in the Spanish-language feature film marketplace, "La Mujer de mi Hermano", starring telenovela sensation Barbara Mori (April) and the horror film "See No Evil", starring WWE superstar Kane (May 19).


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