Blade 3 Trinity Ending & Spinoff Night Stalkers

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David Goyer recently sat down to talk about the Blade 3 Franchise, spin-offs, etc. Please be warned although this is some cool news it DOES contain spoilers. Read on if you dare!

"There are a lot of rumors about the ending, none of which are completely right I've seen a lot of people saying that he dies, or that they changed the ending so that he doesn't die. I don't want to give anything away, obviously, but I love it when I read stuff online that is put forward with such complete (authority), and then it becomes canon because other websites pick it up and you just sit there, shake your head and say, 'No, you don't know. That's not even remotely what's happening'."

Goyer added:

"But there are definitely different endings that we've been playing around with, some versions of which will show up on the DVD as deleted scenes. We're doing a third test in the coming weeks, and that will be the ending that was scripted. We've never tested that ending, so we'll see how that goes. There were also a lot of differences of opinion as to - and, unfortunately, until the movie comes out, I can't fully reveal this. But there was a lot of internal dissent between different parties [New Line, Marvel and Goyer] as to what way to go with the ending."

Regarding Nightstalkers (a spin off franchise starring Blade 3 co-stars Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds):

"I know this sounds crazy, but, originally, New Line... it could go any different direction. There could be another Blade; there could not be another one. There could be a Nightstalkers; there could not be another one. There could be another Blade without Wesley. New Line was willing to do that. It just depends."

I just want to go on the record as well at this point saying Snipes is Blade. Replacing him will result in me NEVER watching another Blade movie. Now a Night Stalkers spinoff that would be VERY cool. I also hope they do not Kill Blade, he is one of my all time favorite movie characters.

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