Meet The Creeper Again

Posted by: Steve
Ray Wise, of Dead End and Swamp Thing, speaks of a possible third movie for Jeepers Creepers.  He says his character, Jack Taggart Sr., would go head to head again against the Creeper.  Jack Taggart Sr. is the character from the second film in where his youngest son was taken by the Creeper and Taggart builds a harpoon type projectile to hunt it down.
"[Franchise Director] Victor Salva wants to do a third one, I'm pretty sure, and we have had some talks in the last couple of months. That's definitely on the front-burner," Wise tells TVGuide.  You can read of the rest of the article right here.
From earlier rumor reports, this bit of news goes along with what one of our members (Dead-Central) has been saying about J.C. 3 in the Jeepers Creepers message board thread. It seems that one of HorrorView's very own bumped into Johnathan Breck (The Creeper) during the Chiller convetion in New Jersey this past weekend - and Mr. Breck had some insight of his own concerning J.C.3.

 Mr. Breck said that Jeepers Creepers 3 will begin filming this summer with a possible 2006 release. Mr. Breck also said that, although there is no script in place, the story has this film taking place twenty one years after the events of Jeepers Creepers 2, and also confirmed that Victor Salva will once again be in the director's seat for this third outing.

I'm still going to treat this as a rumor for now - but more and more stories are lining up, so their might be some truth to this. But until Victor Salva or a studio says otherwise, I'm gonna keep this off of the "confirmed" ticket.  If your a fan of J.C. though.. you might have some reason to begin getting excited.


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