Beast Machines Transformers: The Complete Series on DVD

Posted by: Michael

The Beast Wars saga continues as the high-octane yet deeply layered series BEAST MACHINES TRANSFORMERS: THE COMPLETE SERIES debuts on DVD February 28, 2006. The Maximals- led by a now troubled and soul searching Optimus Primal- must battle the powerful Megatron and his new army of Vehicons while learning a whole new way of transforming that requires mind/body discipline. The future of their home planet of Cybertron is at stake! Get ready for a complex, spiritual, and action-packed chapter in the Transformers story!

This beautiful disc set includes 26 original, uncut episodes in 5.1 surround sound and brand new interviews with many of the cast and behind the scenes players. Each episode, a journey within itself, combines to equal over 700 minutes of transforming fun.

Street Date: February 28, 2006
Total Running Time: +/- 700 minutes


  • Season One
    • The Reformatting
    • Master of The House
    • Fires of the Past
    • Mercenary Pursuits
    • Forbidden Fruit
    • The Weak Component
    • Revelations, Part One: Discovery aka Lost and Found
    • Revelations, Part Two: Descent
    • Revelations, Part Three: Apocalypse!
    • Survivor
    • The Key (Techno-Organic War, Part One)
    • The Catalyst (Techno- Organic War, Part Two)
    • End of the Line (Techno-Organic War, Part Three)
  • Season Two
    • Fallout
    • Savage Noble
    • Prometheus Unbound
    • In Darkest Knight
    • A Wolf in the Fold
    • Home Soil (aka Native Soil)
    • Sparkwar, Part One: The Strike
    • Sparkwar, Part Two: The Search
    • Sparkwar, Part Three: The Siege
    • Spark of Darkness (aka Demon-Haunted World)
    • Endgame, Part One: The Downward Spiral
    • Endgame, Part Two: When Legends Fall
    • Endgame, Part Three: The Seeds of The Future
    • 5.1 Audio on all 5 discs
    • Interview with actor David Kaye (Megatron)
    • Interview with series developer Marv Wolfman
    • Interview with story editor Bob Skir
    • Interview with voice director Susan Blu
    • Commentary with writers Bob Skir and Steven Melching


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