Driftwood Goes Theatrical

Posted by: Steve
Tim Sullivan's second film, "Driftwood", looks to be getting a limited theatrical release. Sullivan's first film "2001 Maniacs", a remake of H.G. Lewis's "Two Thousand Maniacs", is hitting dvd shelves on March 28th.  Former pro-wrestler Dallas Page (The Devil's Rejects) is set to star in the film along with Lin Shaye (Dead End), Marc McClure (Superman films), and Ricky Ullman.
Dread Central got a chance to talk with Sullivan about "Driftwood" and this is what he had to say, "[Executive producer and Dark Horse head] Mike Richardson and I showed them a rough cut, and they liked what they saw--enough to toss in some extra dough to finish the film for a theatrical release thru their distribution arm. So look for a limited run sometime early fall!". You can read the complete article here.
David Forrester (Ricky Ullman) becomes distressed by the death of his older brother.  He begins a unhealthy fascination with death.  His parents send him to Driftwood, an Attitude Adjustment Camp for Troubled Youths.  The camp is helmed by the malevolent Captain Kennedy (Dallas Page).
Once David gets settled down at Driftwood, he starts to be haunted by a ghost.  A tortured soul named Jonathan, a former inmate, who died mysteriously.  David's way out of camp could be finding out what happened to Jonathan.


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