Superman is Unbelievable

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Unbelievable is going to be the new title for the next Supernan film. Along with the name change Guy Dyas has joined the team to become the new production designer. Guy Dyas was the mastermind behind the look of X2.

Moviehole reports,  "A very reliable industry source tells us that the Superman operation will arrive in Sydney (Fox Studios) later this year. Bryan Singer has been given a two picture deal (Superman and Logan's Run), both of which will be shot in Sydney. Singer and Guy Dyas will initiate concept work, etc, on Logan's Run during the Superman production, again in Sydney.

We've been informed that Singer and Dyas are eyeing some top designers and artists to create the look of both films. No word on the (Superman) concept design schedule, but we're sure they'll start this soon. Our source also tells us that Guy Dyas will be flying down to Sydney in the next few weeks. There's a rumor that some shooting will be done in Vancouver, Canada."


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