Lana Antonova joins Hopkins SlipStream

Posted by: MacReady

Actress, Lana Antonova, who is currently linked with the role of Vesper Lynd in the forthcoming James Bond film "Casino Royale", was cast in Anthony Hopkins' new movie "Slipstream" and is set to start filming in California in June.

"Slipstream" is loosely based on Anthony Hopkins's wild thoughts about God, life and death. He explains, "I'm fascinated by time. I've written a script about the nature of reality, called 'Slipstream.' It's about reality and the illusion of life because life to me, as I get older, is so illusion-like, so dream-like, that I think it's all a dream. Maybe the puzzle of life is asking what it's all about. I've got a theory that at the moment of impact of death we'll wake up and say, 'Ah, that was it all along.' My life has been governed a lot by those thoughts and feelings."

"Slipstream," which Hopkins wrote, will feature 92-year-old "Invasion of the Bodysnatchers" star Kevin McCarthy and John Goodman as a Harvey Weinstein-esque movie mogul.


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