Bryan Singer Talks Logans Run Movie.

Posted by: Michael
Bryan Singer, while at Wondercon, announced that the long anticipated Logans Run will move ahead once Superman Returns is complete. Bryan Singer told an audience at WonderCon that he would be adding his own touches to the 1976 movie. Based on his own concepts as well as the book. He figures the movie should come together sometime in 2008.

Earlier this year, Deadmanwalkin posted a really cool run down on this new logans run which has some great details on what we might be able to expect.

Harris was asked whether Logan's Run will be a particularly modernized perspective on the world from the original movie or book: "Well, you see, I don't know. It's hard because it's so not rooted in the real world. It's completely science fiction, its core takes place somewhere else. Maybe we'll figure that out when we see the movie, but because of that, we've developed a new world and it gets its morals, kind of sexual freedom out of, maybe the original just pushed a little further, and I don't think we dive into the anti-aging of it quite as much because it's more about the mechanics of the world, the mechanics of the forced-suicide things. It becomes less thematically about that and more about the science fiction of it."

While the original Logan's Run was more story based, Harris promises that the new version will have a lot more action. "It's not a remake of the movie. It's a remake of the concept of the movie plus the book. The movie's an adaptation of the book, but changed heavily, and so this is kind of going back to that and doing some things."

As many of you may know, Dan Harris is working on the Superman script, and from what I hear, he is doing a great job. So it will be really cool to see where this remake of Logans Run goes!


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