The Harmony Short Film Project - Exclusive Movie Photos

Posted by: MacReady
Director Cameron K. Smith sent us 5 exclusive movie photos for his Harmony Short Film Project. The film is a completely volunteer, non-profit, not for profit, digital video short film. All production necessities are based strictly on an all volunteer cast and crew, UNPROFOR (United Nations Protection Force) veterans, local businesses, interested individuals and the generous donations of their time, experiences, equipment, props, locations and everything else related to the production of the Harmony Short Film Project.

Among the goals of the Harmony short film is to have a polished and professional short film presentation for local, national and international film festivals and to shine a positive light on the efforts and aftermath of the Canadian Forces men and women who served as United Nations Peacekeepers under UNPROFOR (the United Nations Protection Force) in the Former Yugoslavia between 1992 and 1995. To view all images just click the one below.


Hatchet 2 The Last Exorcism FASTER Red Hill Red Hill Red Hill Hardware The Killer Inside Me A Serbian Film The Last Exorcism