M Night Shyamalan Facing Lawsuit over The Village

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M Night Shyamalan, the writer-director of The Sixth Sense, is facing possible legal action for his latest hit, The Village, from publishers of a children's book.

Reuters reports that publisher Simon & Schuster is "reviewing" its legal options against Walt Disney and Shyamalan over similarities between the village movie and the plot of one of its books.  The Village, and its surprise ending, are similar to Margaret Peterson Haddix's first book, Running Out of Time, which was published in 1995.

Haddix told Reuters that journalists had emailed and called her to ask if she'd sold the book to Shyamalan. She said she had never spoken to him.

"It's certainly an interesting situation,"

said Haddix.

"I'm just examining what my options are."

Shyamalan's Blinding Edge Pictures, and Disney, have dismissed the claims as "meritless".

Source: Reuters, TheGuardian


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