Fatal Frame Movie Gets a Lead ?

Posted by: Michael
One of our great readers sent in a scoop to let us know that their is an update on the Fatal Frame movie. The update being that Courtney Webb from The Grudge may be the new star for teh movie.


The script is being written by Stephen Spielberg and John Rogers and is based on the video game Fatal Frame.  Fatal Frame is  a  a horror-adventure video game which leaves its victims breathless as they become immersed in a world of supernatural spirits and sheer terror. The release is being slated according to another scooper, from earlier in the year for November

Guided by her sixth sense and armed only with an antique camera, Miku the main character sets out to solve the mystery of her brother's sudden disappearance. As the story unfolds, she discovers gruesome details about the Himura mansion's troubled past. The property and surrounding area have a dark history involving grisly murders, an evil cult, and restless spirits. Thanks to Maya for this latest scoop!


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