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JR put us onto the fact that the new Shaun of the Dead DVD is coming and it is packed full of goodies. In this item we have some of the dvd features and some nice stills. For those of you who dont know JR who is one of our site members was IN Shaun of the Dead. So if you got questions about this flick ask on the board. It is looking to be a good dvd, here are just some of the features.

Commentary from Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright
The first two commentaries on the disc suffer somewhat from the inclusion of Simon Pegg on them both, as unfortunately they contain rather a lot of overlapping information. It’s a shame as this commentary is both informative, and very entertaining, but listening to it second left it somewhat of a disappointment. The two of them are very eager to point out all the references, and even not some that weren’t but have been claimed to be by members of the press – for instance the shot through Mary’s hole was never intended as a reference to Death Becomes Her – along with all the shooting locations and there’s easily enough information here to construct your own Shaun of the Dead tour around north London. Pegg also takes great pleasure in tormenting Wright, when he foolishly mentions the Isle of Mann, Pegg is inspired to retort with "you love men?" a statement he torments Wright with for the remainder of the commentary.

Commentary from stars Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kate Ashfield, Dylan Moran and Lucy Davis
Although I listened to this track first, I’d recommend that the Pegg/Wright track is your first stop, due not only to the overlap, but also the enthusiasm shown. Whilst Pegg is just as talkative as he is on the other track, Kate Ashfield doesn’t seem keen to be there, and hardly speaks – at least without prompting from Pegg – and Davis had just got off a plane from America and seems to be suffering the effects of jet-lag. Moran, echoing his role in the film, uses most of his time to make sarcastic – albeit friendly – comments towards his fellow commentators. It’s a reasonable track, and does contain plenty of entertaining comments that aren’t repeated in the other Pegg track, but it just feels a little like hard work as Pegg tries to motivate everyone throughout the track. One fantastic piece of information is gleaned from this track though, there’s a possibility of a sequel – Shaun of the Dead 2: From Dusk ‘Til Shaun. You can begin getting excited now.

Commentary from stars Bill Nighy and Penelope Wilton
I wasn’t sure what to make of this idea, it seemed slightly odd to have Shaun’s parents providing their own commentary rather than being present on the other cast track, but it turns out it was rather a canny move. It’s a rather quirky track, mostly because it's the kind of commentary you’d expect your parents to give, it’s rather funny to listen to them talk about how disgusting the effects are – often Wilton can’t even watch – and Nighy is certainly a grumpy old dad figure, moaning about ‘cheeky kids’ and admitting to preferring sitting at home rather than going out. They’re very complimentary of everyone – except Dylan Moran – and Nighy seems to be willing the zombies to catch him in every scene. Certainly not a must listen track, but rather funny, in a quirky way.

Commentary from "The Zombies"
Although it begins with a disconcerting cacophony of moans, worrying you into thinking this really is going to be 95 minutes of zombie noises, the participants soon reveal their true selves. Five of the movie’s zombies sit down to talk about their experiences on the film, but they don’t really have much to talk about. It’s clear they all loved making the film, and very much enjoy watching it, but too much time is spent complimenting people and pointing out the obvious, as their small roles obviously give them far less to talk about than the main cast members.

Zombie-O-Meter: Trivia Track
This subtitle track seems to be culled entirely from the commentary tracks, and largely the Pegg and Wright track. It points out all the movie references and locations, but anyone who’s listened to the commentary tracks will already be aware of all these titbits. The one advantage it does have though, is you can watch it with the regular film soundtrack, so you can enjoy the film and learn all the in-jokes.

Storyboard Comparison
Accessed via the subtitle menu, the storyboard comparisons don’t actually run alongside the movie, instead an icon of some scary scribbled eyes appears in the corner of the screen when storyboards are available, pressing enter will take you to them. They’re rather hastily scribbled, but the scenes do stay rather true to them – further evidence that Pegg and Wright really had this planned in their minds – but scenes that didn’t make it have been marked so you can easily flick through the pages and stop on the differing parts.

Funky Pete
Edgar Wright told the producers he just didn’t have time to film alternate, cleaner, versions of a number of scenes, for use in the airplane version of the film, which means the scenes have to be dubbed. Here we get an example of one of those scenes, after Shaun and Ed wake Pete up at 4am, with liberal use of the words funk and prink. Not quite up to the legendary Mallrats TV version, but still funny stuff.

The Man Who Would Be Shaun
Further proving nobody was keen to do any real work on set, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg act out a scene as Sean Connery and Michael Caine in The Man Who Would Be King. Frost’s Connery is pretty awful, but Pegg does and excellent Michael Caine, and even the two of them can’t get to the end of the scene before they crack up.

TV Bits
Five of the programs seen on TV in the film are shown here uncut, the highlight of which is Coldplay’s appearance on T4. After the footage seen in the film Coldplay introduce their 2 newest band members – Simon Pegg and Nick Frost – who start improvising, causing Chris Martin to have to hide his head as he tries to stop laughing, it’s very funny stuff. The other excerpts aren’t as good, we get the Fun Dead gameshow narrated by Cheggers, two episodes of Trisha and the Remembering Z-Day interview in full.

Zombie Gallery
This is where you’ll find the static material, there’s a photo gallery, including pictures shot by Simon Pegg himself, the full 2000AD Shaun of the Dead comic strip and a slew of original poster designs, including a great one in Italian, as a fine nod to the ‘70s gore classics from the country.

Source: Justified Revenge, DVDTimes


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