Resident Evil 3 Movie Update

Posted by: Michael

We just got a scoop from one of our readers updating us on the progress of Resident Evil 3. According to the scooper the movie is going ahead and will be shot in Mexico, or at least part of it. Paul Anderson is reportedly returning to reprise his role as director. Lets hope we can get something as good as the first one, especially after how crappy Resident Evil 2 was.

The interesting part is that our scooper says that Milla Jovovich has a scheduling conflict and may not be able to even do a third movie. That certainly will cause problems since switching a main character out never works well unless they decide to do a different story angle that doesn't involve her. Reportedly a new canadian actor, Hailey Birnie, will also be in this movie. Stay tuned for more!

Yes, there is going to be a Resident Evil 3. They are planning on shooting part of the movie in Mexico, Paul Anderson will be directing, and Canadian actor Hailey Birnie will be introduced as a new supporting actor, along side actor Chris Redfield. Milla Jovovich has a scheduling conflict and may or may not be returning in the 3rd movie. Now we have not confirmed any of this, so take it all as rumor for now!


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