A-team Season 3 on DVD Contest

Posted by: Michael

I pity the foo that don't enter this contest! A-Team: Season 3 – Get ready for more explosive action, adrenaline-pumping thrills and unbelievable A-Team excitement as all 25 episodes of Season Three arrive on three double-sided DVDs for the first time!

In the most popular season ever, Hannibal, Face, Murdock and B.A. face off against new criminals with the most outrageous schemes yet – from toxic-waste dumping to wild-game poaching to restaurant sabotage.

Roaring to the scene in their famous black van, TV’s favorite heroes for hire are back and ready for business!

As always entry is so simple even B.A. could do it while throwing a temper tantrum and kicking some ass! Update: This contest has now ended and the winner of this great set on DVD is Will Sanders. Congratulations Will!


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