New Indie Horror : Wicked Harvest

Posted by: Michael

We love indie movies, and we love supporting em even more. The crazy folks at RoboMonkey Productions have started on their latest indie horror project "Wicked Harvest". You will know them best from "Sinners & Saints" their last indie project we told you about. Anyrate this new project sounds like a fun one.

For Marsha, Ryan, and their friends, it was supposed to be a relaxing weekend spent camping out under the stars. But when an injured young girl mysteriously crosses their path, the group cannot help but think it is a bad omen. Soon, the group’s peaceful weekend quickly slides into a nocturne of horror and madness, as faint cries of pain emanate from an old, deserted cabin in the woods, and fleeting images dart around darkened corners. Yet it isn’t until the group uncovers the horrifying secret contained within the walls of the cabin—and within the town itself—that they find themselves the victims of a most terrifying, gut-wrenching scenario.

Best part is if you want to be in the movie and are an actor/actress/scream queen, scream King? you can send in your CV and headshot. Click here and check it out.


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