Enron The Smartest People in the Room

Posted by: Michael

Every once in a while you get to see a movie that moves you, and truly questions society as a whole and the world we live in. Enron the Smartest guys in the room is one of those movies. Every person needs to see this movie to understand what really happened to Enron. I was a fool thinking that it was a bankruptcy. This was no bankruptcy this was a conspiracy to get rich, defraud billions and use political influence to get away with it.

Directed by Alex Gibney, this is the inside story of one of history's greatest business scandals, in which top executives of America's 7th largest company walked away with over one billion dollars while investors and employees lost everything. Based on the best-selling book "The Smartest Guys in the Room" by Fortune reporters Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind and featuring insider accounts and incendiary corporate audio and videotapes, Gibney reveals the almost unimaginable personal excesses of the Enron hierarchy and the utter moral vacuum that posed as corporate philosophy.

The film comes to a harrowing dénouement as we hear Enron traders' own voices as they wring hundreds of millions of dollars in profits out of the California energy crisis. As a result, we come to understand how the avarice of Enron's traders and their bosses had a shocking and profound domino effect that may shape the face of our economy for years to come.

This movie is unbelivable and will also make you sick. Did you know that the California Gov. Grey Davis wouldnt play ball with Enron, so Enron was cutting power to California? Yes the rolling blackouts that killed people and made utiltiy prices go up more then 500% was deliberate. Can you believe that the Governor had to threaten to send the State Police in to retake power plants from Enron? Seriously What in the F*CK? You will be blown away when you get to hear the ENRON employees laughing and joking as they cut power to California to inflate the prices and make money to cover the $50billion shortage in cash flow.

There are actual audio recordings of ENRON employee calling the plants in California and telling them to shut down for "maintenance" or to "get a creative reason" to knock out power. When massive fires hit California while everyone was banding together to try and put the fires out and maintain power to the state, Enron employees were calling each other and the plants using such terms as "Burn motherf*cker burn". Why? Because it gave them another excuse to cut power at power plants and jack prices for increased profits.

Millions of people in the 6th largest market in the world were not only inconvenienced by no power, but also put in danger. Think of it. Cutting power to hospitals, street lights, emergency services, everything. Seriously if you live in California you had better be upset at this point.

Did you know that when Grey Davis made a stand, that Ken Lay flew to California and met with Schwarzenegar? The reporters involved in uncovering the story had no idea why Ken Lay would be meeting with him, and low and behold look who is now governor. Are you feeling sick yet? Yes you can not make this stuff up. This is one of the best documentaries I have seen in a very long time because it plays like a really good political-thriller. Where a CEO who is friends with Bush and GreenSpan and all the right people gets away with murder!

It tells the story with ex-executives who were their, and KNOW what is going on, while keeping a silent un-biased path. You get to see how it is quite obvious that the White House, Enron, and a few very smart men in a room screwed billions out of over 50,000 victims. The victims being the employees. I can not encourage you enough to buy this movie if only to become educated like I was. I thought this was a bankruptcy. This was not! I am going to conclude this news item with a contest. Email me your name, age and address and early next week I will pick a lucky winner to get a free copy!

DVD Special Features

Packed with insightful bonus materials, the Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room DVD features include:

  • Deleted scenes
  • The Making of Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room –Includes exclusive interviews with Gibney and investigative journalists Bethany McLean, as well as research footage not included in the theatrical release
  • Additional Enron Company Skits (selections from discovered scripts) – Short plays written to rally the Enron troops, as read by Gibney
  • "Where Are They Now?" – Find out what has happened to key players who use to work at Enron, from the executives, to the traders to the whistleblowers
  • Gallery of Enron cartoons – A look at how political cartoonists from around the country brought their own brand of humor to the scandal
  • FORTUNE articles – The original articles exposing Enron’s business practices, which served as the basis for the film
  • Feature commentary by director Alex Gibney
  • HDNet’s Higher Definition: Highlights from the Enron Show
  • Firesign Theatre Presents: The Fall of Enron
  • An index of websites with the latest information on Enron


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