Winter Wood - Images from the new Horror Movie

Posted by: MacReady

Producer Sean-Michael Argo just sent us movie photos for his new movie "Winter Wood", directed by James Cotten, of the Roger Corman film "Demon Slayer". The screenplay was jointly written by Jason White, of the York film "Scarecrow", and James Cotten. The main antagonist, Eli the Sin Eater, is being played by singer/songwriter Joshua Payne. Click the pic to the right or the small ones at the bottom of the news to view all movie photos.

The film was shot at various locations in Arkansas including Camp Timberlake, Morrilton, Opello, Perry and Fayetteville. So its no surprise that most of the rest of the cast are Arkansas locals, many of whom were in the recent Billy Bob Thorton film "Chrystal" and the Joey Lauren Adams film "Come Early Morning".

"Winter Wood" is a story of two grad students who travel to a rural Arkansas town in search of information about an Ozark folk myth concerning a man called the Sin Eater. Eventually they are able to find a local guide to help them and begin their journey through Winter Wood. As the sun sets their academic adventure becomes a fight for survival as the myth of the Sin Eater becomes an all too real tale of violence and backwoods terror.


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