Troy Duffy : The Boondsock Saints True Story

Posted by: Michael

Have you ever heard of Troy Duffy? Odds are most of you have not. He is a prodigy. He wrote and directed Boondock Saints his first movie and sure to be his last. He went from bartender/bouncer to "it boy" in Hollywood and back to bartender/bouncer in a matter of 3 years time. I am an absolutely huge fan of Boondock Saints, it is one of the greatest movies ever made in my opinion. So last night I checked out a documentary called "Overnight" about the rise and fall of Troy Duffy, and let me tell you its no small fall.

The basic story of Troy Duffy is he is a drunk, a local tough, and everyone thinks he is a loser and a screw up. These are his own words. He is right. The one thing he has over everyone else is he has a really cool script he wrote while tending bar and playing bouncer and Harvey Weinstein buys it. The most powerfull man in hollywood takes an interest in a drunken loser and gives him his shot. The guy who MADE Ben Affleck and Matt Damon was probly looking to give another new and truly great talent a leg up. The Documentary Overnight shows how he goes from "it boy" to "hollywood outcast" and eventually right back to tending bar with not a thing but memories to show for his work. 

I think it is a very interesting social commentary. He gets the documentary made by friends to showcase his RISE to power when in fact its a showcase of his rise and then big big fall. He says he is in it for his friends and friends come first and by the end of it he is screwing friends and family.

Overnight is a truly unbelievable story. Hollywood cant make this shit up. Fame is like truth serum and it brings out the real person hiding behind the shades of an exterior and this movie shows Troy Duffy to be a complete moron, a film prodigy and an outright asshole. Troy Duffy is easily one of the most talented screenwriters around. He proved this with his very first script and directorial debut in Boondock Saints. With a bit of mentoring and work he had the potential to be the next big thing. The problem is when you go around hollywood as a new guy, telling everyone how your going to change the way things are done, you are going to fail. You start out feeling like its the little man against the big machine and in the end you see its the little guy with a big mouth taking on the big machine that just chews him up, and spits him out. He ends up getting blacklisted and Boondock Saints ends up going nowhere. Eventually it gets an indie label and opens in 5 theatres.

Here is the kicker. It ends up being big on DVD and Troy Duffy the self-described MAN who is going to re-invent hollywood with his great knowledge doesnt negotiate into his deal dvd sales or over-seas sales and even though its a hit on DVD he gets 0. It makes you want to cry, shake your head or just throw something at the TV. I hope others know this story and will add their 2 cents. Join our discussion on Troy Duffy. This Documentary is one that EVERY film maker should see.


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