Snoop Dog's Mom Getting a Movie

Posted by: Michael
Filmmaker Don Abernathy, has acquired the rights to write, direct, and produce "Real Love", the life story of Beverly Broadus Green, famous mom to superstar rapper Snoop Dogg. The story is based on the book written by Beverly Green, and Beverly will Co-Produce the film along with Don Abernathy.

What makes this story unique is that it's all told from Beverly's point of view. "Don't expect the usual shoot 'em up ghetto drive bys, or boyz in the hood rehashed urban drama that flooded the theatres in past several decades," says Abernathy. It's a love story at its core.

"This film (Real Love) is a period piece, an incredible story of an amazing women's journey in search of true love whose life span begins in the late 1950's in Mississippi, and covers the turbulent '60's, colorful '70's, music driven '80's, uncertain '90's, and into the next century," says Abernathy.

Abernathy's first break came with his recently completed "Tournament of Dreams", a film he both wrote and directed. "I got a lucky break with Tournament, because somehow Debbie Allen got a hold of the script, and contacted us during preproduction, regarding playing one of the character roles," says Abernathy.

"Tournament of Dreams", an inspiring film about an inner-city high school girl's basketball team, also features Tony Todd ("Candyman", "The Rock"), Rae'ven Kelly ("What's Love Got to do with It", "A Time to Kill"), The Game (Rapper), and Houston (Hip Hop Recording Artist). It was produced by John Daly ("Hoosiers", "Terminator", "Platoon", "The Last Emperor").

Because of the buzz on the "Tournament of Dreams" script, Abernathy was introduced to Beverly Broadus Green, the mother of Snoop Dogg. "I knew that I had a celebrity factor built-in to this project, and Beverly's life story also covers the early life story of Snoop Dogg," says Abernathy. This gave Abernathy the edge he needed to secure the project on his own terms and maintain creative control.

To get the buzz started, Abernathy plans to go on a worldwide casting search for who will play the lead role of the mother of Snoop Dogg in the film Real Love. He'll be seeking a young black actress who can play the ages of 18 to 39.

Beverly Green was impressed with Abernathy's work on "Tournament of Dreams". And a deal was soon negotiated for Abernathy to write, direct, and produce Beverly's life story based on her book called "Real Love". Don Abernathy spent six month's interviewing Beverly, and her sons, and other family members for his research. "This is more than just a film. It's a fascinating look at an American family, and a unique evolution of culture," says Abernathy.

And did we mention, Beverly's also the mother of Snoop Dogg. "It's Lady Sings the Blues meets Eight Mile. And Beverly's story will make a great Oprah interview one day," says Abernathy. For now, Abernathy is aggressively seeking financing under four million dollars, and plans to begin filming before the summer of 2006.


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