Frighteners Sequel on the Way?

Posted by: Michael
Canmag has stated that during a recent broadcast of Entertainment Tonight, director Peter Jackson arrived to talk about the recent DVD release of The Frighteners Director's Cut. He had more to say, including some sweet info on the film's future. Here's what the site had to report:
According to Jackson, he’s hoping the DVD sells “in droves” because he’d love to do a sequel. He said that DVD sales are really what it’s all about these days – and if this new version makes a hefty sum on DVD, he’ll try and convince Universal to take a chance on another “Frighteners”. He said he’d love to have Michael J.Fox back – if even only for a small role.

"Now that Peter Jackson's popularity is growing I guess he figured he would give The Frighteners another shot", Canmag states.

The Frighteners tells the story of Frank Bannister (Michael J. Fox) who is a private psychic detective in a small Northern California town. Years ago he had a near death experience when he lost his wife in a car accident. Since that time he's been able to communicate with the spirits of dead people roaming the land. Instead of using his powers for good, he recruits a few dead ghosts - Cyrus, Stuart, and the now retired Judge ghost (John Astin) - to haunt peoples houses so he can make a living. Crossing the ultimate barrier into a world where all fears are realized, Frank's nightmares become all too real ... and true evil does not die.


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