Morgan Spurlock Options The Republican War

Posted by: Michael

Academy Award(R) nominated filmmaker and acclaimed television director/producer Morgan Spurlock has optioned the New York Times best selling book, "THE REPUBLICAN WAR ON SCIENCE," by author Chris
Mooney. In the book, Mooney ties together the disparate strands of the attack on science into a compelling and frightening account of the United States government's increasing unwillingness to distinguish between legitimate research and ideologically driven pseudo-science. 

On a broad array of issues including stem cell research, climate change, missile defense, abstinence education and many others, Mooney shows how the extreme right wing position on these issues flies in the face of overwhelming scientific consensus.  He argues that these positions are the ideals born of a conservative dislike of
environmental, health and safety regulation, and at the extremes, of evolution and legalized abortion.

Published by Basic Books, "THE REPUBLICAN WAR ON SCIENCE" became a New York Times bestseller this year and continues to create heated debate and controversy among readers, researchers, critics and politicians.

    "There was a time when science was respected by politicians and government officials and when the information obtained through unbiased scientific exploration was used for the better of society," said Spurlock.  "Today, all of that is being ignored, manipulated and/or used incorrectly to further political agendas.  Now more than ever, we need the real answers to the big questions."

    "I am excited that Morgan Spurlock is taking this project on," stated
author Chris Mooney, who is also Seed Magazine's Washington correspondent.  "I feel that with his sensibility, he's the perfect filmmaker to capture the true essence of this book."

Spurlock will begin developing "THE REPUBLICAN WAR ON SCIENCE" in 2006 through his New York based production company Warrior Poets.  He was nominated for an Oscar(R) earlier this year for his  broundbreaking feature documentary film, SUPER SIZE ME, and was the creator, director and subject of the acclaimed FX TV Series 30 DAYS which became FX's top rated unscripted series for 2005.  Spurlock recently executive produced the film CLASS ACT, which details the elimination of arts programs in our nation's schools.  The film is
due to premiere in Spring of 2006.


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