Quentin Tarantino talks HOSTEL Video !

Posted by: Michael

We were invited to a private VIP screening of HOSTEL. Whats that mean? Well basically we see it early and get to hang with celebs. In this case Quentin Tarantino, cast and crew. It also gives us a chance to do an early review for you our readers and praise or slaughter the film. In this case its getting nothing but praise! 

To share the experience with you we have a great video where Tarantino talks about Hostel, why he got involved and how Eli Roth got involved. Great clip and gives you the inside look at how a private screening goes. As always thanks to LionsGate for the invite and the good times.

A very important note is that Quentin Tarantino gets really excited and uses some 4 Letter words that are not Disney friendly so please be warned this video clip isnt for kids or those who dont talk like sailors in the merchant marine.

 Give the video a second to load.
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