The Village Review

Posted by: Goon
The Village starts out in a small colonial town isolated in a valley surrounded by woods. The town is run by elders who have warned the people of the village that they must stay out of the woods or "those we do not speak of" will punish them.

The Village is peaceful for awhile and the creatures have stayed at bay for awhile and all is good. People are celebrating life, getting married, and playing childrens games. Until one day someone breaches the woods and things begin to go wrong. Will the creatures attack? What will become of the village and its people?

This is another M. Night film that delights in almost every aspect. The film is extremely nice on the eyes. The Village looks very well done and I compliment the wardrobe apartment for making everyone look so well done. The mood is set throughout the film, much like every M Night film this one is much like his others, except this film had several uplifting moments followed by very gloomy scenes. Its like one big emotional rollercoaster.

The real strength in this film however were the two male actors who I thought gave a fantastic performance, Joaquin Phoenix and William Hurt. Phoenix is defintely the next big name in Hollywood. His performance of the quiet, fearless, and loving Lucius is amazing. William Hurt plays as both a father and a leader in this film very convincinly. Look for him in upcoming films. The only poor acting which detered me a little was Bryce Howard who portrayed Ivy. Ivy is a young woman who is blind and madly in love with Lucius. She did not exhibit any real mannerisms that a blind person has. She seemed to look around like she knew what she was doing and often looked right into the eyes of the other actors.

The script I felt was alittle bit weak. I think M Night could have written something alittle more accurate then this one. There are only a few minor things that stick out and you really have to analyze the film to realize them. The one thing that does not make sense is that there are about 5 maybe six couples that start this colony. Of those six (Six is a very estimate) they would have to have had around 30-40 kids of all age ranges.. It would just be impossible because we know that one of the couples only has one child.

The movie begins basically as a love story and to tell the truth I wasn't enjoying the film until the big twist. But that twist really threw me for a loop and I really ended up liking the film as a whole. But I believe if Night wants to improve his movies he needs to step up after this movie and not depend on the big twist like I believe he did with this film. He has the ability to do so and he can be the next Steven Spielberg or Alfred Hitchcock.

If you like M Night you will enjoy this film but you will also realize that he could have made it better. However if you have never seen one of his films before I think you really find this movie entertaining and enjoyable on several levels. In all I would say this movie would get 8/10.

Review by: Luke aka Goon 


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