DeadScapes : Broken Road Indie Zombie Flick now on DVD

Posted by: Michael

A new Indie Zombie flick is now making the rounds. Titled "Broken Road" its about An unexplained phenomenon that has caused the recently dead to reanimate and seek the flesh of the living. In a matter of weeks, the walking dead outnumber their living counterparts. Those who survived the initial apocalyptic events are now forced to defend themselves against hordes of the undead and, often times, the living as well.

"Broken Road" is the first short film in the "Deadscapes" series by writer / director Kristofer Velasquez. In this installment, an unlikely trio of survivors must decide whether to trust in each other for survival or let deception seal their fates. A militant vigilante-type named Eric has survived the zombie chaos armed with a gun and an RV camper. Greg and Jesse encounter Eric after their vehicle breaks down in a land overrun by the dead. "Broken Road" takes us on a dizzying trip of death, undeath, murder, and lies."

Total Feature Running Time: approx. 23 min

Bonus Features:

Trailer (approx. 30 sec)
Outtakes (approx. 6 min)
Behind The Scenes Featurette (approx. 20 min)

Tech Specs:

Country: USA (Region 1)
Language: English
Color: Black & White (feature), Color (Behind the Scenes)
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital

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