Win Tartan Extremes FACE on DVD

Posted by: Michael

Earlier we ran a FACE DVD contest which Lainie won and our buddy deadmanwalkin from our sister site dropped us a line to let us know he is copying us and holding his own contest. Dont you just hate that? Free stuff sucks! Ok well no it doesnt. Those who like free stuff can go enter his contest right here

Face Movie Photo Click for Fullsize Image

This story revolves around Hyun-min (Shin Hyun Jun) who engages in the profession of restoring dead peoples' faces in a research institute. But he is too worried about his daughter who's been suffering from heart disease and decides to resign his position.

Sun-young (Song Yoon Ah) who takes up Hyun-min's job as a researcher asks for Hyun-min's help to shed light on a case of serial killing as the fourth skeleton is discovered. But soon after Hyun-min agrees to help, terrible nightmares and hallucinations cause him to realize that there is a horrifying link between his diseased daughter and the dead bodies...


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