Venom DVD Release Corrections

Posted by: Michael

Dimension contacted us to let us know that our early report on the Venom DVD was not correct. They let us know that the movie will be coming to DVD but that a date has NOT been set yet. So our earlier report has been corrected. We can obviously expect to see it sometime in 2006, but there is no set date or specs yet.

From the creator of "Scream" and the director of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" comes "Venom," a voodoo horror tale set deep in the swamps of Louisiana centered around a group of teenagers trying to uncover the truth behind a friend's mysterious death.

What they discover is an evil force worse than they could have possibly imagined and now they are the ones running for their lives. Based on the videogame "Backwater", director Jim Gillespie returns to the big screen after directing the teen thriller "I Know What You Did Last Summer."


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