Romance Road Killers New Indie Thriller

Posted by: Michael

"Romance Road Killers" is gearing up for production to be Alter Ego Cinema's biggest and most ambitious project. The movie, loosely based on the Charles Starkweather murders of 1958, follows Jacob, 19, and Isabelle, 14, along the coasts of Southern California as they create a massive killing spree, leaving 27 people dead.

But was it cold-blooded murder or self-defense? The movie focuses heavily on their background, as it explores foster homes, child abuse and raises many terrifying questions about social care workers and if the system designed to protect children actually

The filmmakers, multi-award winners Shane Ryan and 16 year old Emily Wryn (an amazing singer/songwriter who is also the film's composer), explore their own personal lives with this one, and events that took place in the lives of their friends and family, while
adding plenty of bloodshed for those in need of some gore.

The two have already collaborated on several projects to gain experience working together, including "The Cleansing," "Numb," "Love Last Captured" and "Hallucinations Madness of the Bottle." "Romance Road Killers" has already gone through hours of test shoots (video and photo shoots), a fundraiser that took place last weekend (in which case local businesses donated $1,000 in raffle prizes) and is a project that has been close to the filmmakers all their lives.  Trailers and featurettes of the test footage and interviews will be online soon and there are already about 100 photos up. Head Here


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