HellBoy the Animated Series

Posted by: Michael

According to our friends at Horror-Movies.ca IDT Entertainment have managed to snatch up the animation rights from Revolution Studios. IDT has big plans to release a feature and bring Hellboy into your living room in its very own television series.

Guillermo del Toro and Mike Mignola will both be executive producers with the film’s producers Lawrence Gordon and Lloyd Levin and Dark Horse’s Mike Richardson. Not only are those guys helping out but the main man Ron Perlman and that sexy Selma Blair will lend their voices to their characters.

In case you didn't already know IDT owns Anchor Bay so that means we will be getting the feature film on DVD sometime in 2007. Right now IDT is talking to cable networks about getting Hellboy on television late 2006/2007. Did I forget to mention that all of these projects will tie in with del Toros live action feature film on Revolution? Stay tuned for more.


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