John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns website online

Posted by: MacReady

You always wanted to take a deeper look into John Carpenter's episode for the "Masters of Horror" series, titled "Cigarette Burns"?. Well now you can because the official John Carpenter website has been updated with an all new section for this short movie. It is the first update on his site since "Ghosts of Mars" came to cinemas 4 years ago. And it definitely rocks.

You can check out the official site here.

The episode "Cigarette Burns" tells the story of Jimmy Sweetman (Norman Reedus), who knows how to find rare film prints. However, nothing could prepare him for the daunting search for "Le Fin Absolue du Monde", a film allegedly shown only once and rumored to have driven its audience into a murderous frenzy before the theater mysteriously erupted in flames.

Working for a shadowy patron, Jimmy's increasingly obsessive investigation becomes nightmarish and deadly. Finally he discovers "Le Fin Absolue du Monde's" infamy is well deserved.


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