Predator Movie Re-Start Begins

Posted by: Michael

Ok so we all know the big mess that Alien vs Predator was, ok so some of us would dispute that. Anyrate the word was Predator as a series was being restarted. I guess the hit movies Predator and Predator 2 needed to be "re-started"... not remade, "re-started"

Word is in now at Latino Review that John Cena has been offered the lead in the upcoming "Predator" movie. You know, the kick ass one with Arnold in the jungle with the governor of Minnesota and his crack commandos???

As we reported earlier, the rumor is that the movie will revolve around Dutch's (Arnolds Character in Predator) grown up son. Any idea on the logic? I guess it's a bit more creative then a remake to say they are re-starting the franchise. Predator kicks ass, so lets hope they do it justice.


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