The Dude reviews DOOM !

Posted by: MacReady

Our fearless buddie The Dude went straight down to hell to see "Doom", or maybe he just went to a cinema. Anyways, he watched the movie and made a really detailed review for all of us to enjoy. The movie comes to cinemas this Friday October 21st, but you already can read The Dude's impressions today.

Here's a little snippet from the review:

....You will no doubt hear a lot about the "First Person Shooter" sequence in the film, and it's not without merit. At this point in the movie, naturally we'd have a first person shooter sequence. It lasts about 7 minutes in what appears to be a continuous shot that's taken straight out of gameplay. It works, or at least it worked for me.

It's a device that Dr. Uwe Boll no doubt would have used for House of the Dead if he had thought of it, instead of resorting to adding demo footage of the actual game being played. The way it's done here feels like we're part of the film, as stupid as that sounds. Whatever, I liked the scene and I'm sticking to it. Especially when the chainsaw is brought out.....

Wanna know more? I know you do, so be sure to check out The Dude's complete review right here.


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