The new 007 will be announced this Friday !

Posted by: MacReady

According to many British sources, Daniel Craig who is best known for his recent role in "Layer Cake" will be the new 007. Till now the producers have not confirmed anything, but we soon will really know who will portray the man with the licence to kill.

Reuters reports that Sony Pictures Entertainment said that the actor who will portray James Bond would be named at a news conference in London on October 14. So this friday all rumors will end and we all will know for sure who follows the footsteps of Pierce Brosnan.

The 21st official James Bond movie is directed by Martin Campbell. It's his second time as helmer of a James Bond film. In 1995 he directed the hit "Goldeneye" which introduced Pierce Brosnan to the role of 007 with great success. Goldeneye was one of the biggest smash hits for the Bond franchise.


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