The first movie photo from Silent Hill !

Posted by: MacReady

THX to my buddie Goon from I uploaded the first movie photo from Christophe Gans' "Silent Hill". Written by Roger Avary, this movie is definitely one of the most anticipated video game adaptations yet. I don't know any horror movie fan who doesn't want to see it. According to the image the setting looks as creepy as we expected. But check it out for yourself.

A woman desperate to save her dying child finds herself trapped in an alternate reality as she searches for her daughter in a dangerous world of demons. Rose cannot accept the knowledge that her daughter, Sharon, is dying of a fatal disease. Over the protests of her husband, she flees with her child, intending to take the girl to a faith healer.

On the way, she ends up driving through a portal in reality, which takes her to the eerie and deserted town of Silent Hill...


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