Microsoft Mass Producing Single Play DVD's

Posted by: Michael

This sounds like a massive Land fill in the making. Microsoft has been tinkering with the idea for some time now of single play DVD's. The logic? I have no clue.

Basically the DVD's would only be able to be played once before they would self-destruct. I doubt it will be like in the old Mission Impossible TV series but that would be pretty cool.

Microsoft is now ready to begin mass producing these dvds at an estimated price of $5. The idea here is to fight piracy. You will no longer have to return your rental. Instead you play it once, it self-destructs and you throw it in the trash. I wonder if I am the only one considering how much trash that is? What if you want to watch it twice? Oh the dilemnas.

Cool idea, I dont see it working at doin more then pissing off people like me that wanna watch their rentals more then once.


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