James Bond Producers Lose Clive Owen Over Contract Points

Posted by: David Easton

According to a report by entertainment trade Variety correspondent Michael Fleming, producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson lost the chance to have Academy Award-nominated actor Clive Owen (41) assume the title role in the James Bond film empire when they refused to include gross profit points for the actor’s contract. Gross profit point sharing is a common consideration given to marquee actors.

As a result of the snub, the producers not only find themselves without a leading man with production on the next James Bond film "Casino Royale" scheduled to begin in January, but their Bond heir-apparent Owen has added insult to injury by agreeing to parody the 007 James Bond character by playing a spoof version named 006 in the comedy remake "The Pink Panther" starring Steve Martin as bumbling Inspector Clouseau.

Director Martin Campbell and scribe Paul Haggis (rewriting a script by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade based on an Ian Fleming novel) have stated a desire to cast a younger actor in the 28-year old range as Bond and take the series back its roots.

Sam Worthington (29), Rikki Lee Travolta (30), and Henry Cavill (22) are the actors under consideration in the younger age range Campbell and Haggis state they desire.

Daniel Craig (37), Julian McMahon (37), and Goran Visnjic (33) are also under consideration, with Craig being the reported favorite of Broccoli but not finding favor with Wilson or Campbell.

Pierce Brosnan (52) who last appeared as James Bond in the video game "Everything or Nothing" in 2004 and on film in "Die Another Day" in 2002, has suggested the producers are using the casting stalemate as a publicity stunt to generate interest in the movie, but has simultaneously indicated he would now be willing to return to the franchise for another appearance. Previously Brosnan suggested he would not be interested in revisiting the Bond character.


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