Contest : Win Copies of FACE from Tartan

Posted by: Michael

Face Movie Photo Click for Fullsize ImageWe have copies of Tartan Extremes FACE up for grabs in our brand new spiffy contest. I absolutely LOVE the DVD artwork.

This story revolves around Hyun-min (Shin Hyun Jun) who engages in the profession of restoring dead peoples' faces in a research institute. But he is too worried about his daughter who's been suffering from heart disease and decides to resign his position.

Sun-young (Song Yoon Ah) who takes up Hyun-min's job as a researcher asks for Hyun-min's help to shed light on a case of serial killing as the fourth skeleton is discovered. But soon after Hyun-min agrees to help, terrible nightmares and hallucinations cause him to realize that there is a horrifying link between his diseased daughter and the dead bodies …

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