I, Robot 2 Possible

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Will Smith and Alex Proyas are looking at Fox Studios, Sydney, to posibly shoot I, Robot 2 there next year. Smith had the following to say regarding the sequel. "If I,Robot continues to be successful, we will probably be here next year," Smith said. "I love the idea. I loved working with Alex so I,Robot II or anything he is willing to make (I would do)."

Alex Proyas doesn't like to do sequels to his films but upon seeing the success of this film in such a short period of time has changed his thinking.

I, Robot pulled in $52.3 million in its first weekend at the box office. The deciding factor for them will be this weekend. Smith told The Herald Sun, "It is the second weekend that will make the decision. We're very happy with the opening, but the movie has to have really long legs."

Source: Moviehole


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