The Surreal Life 3 Cast!

Posted by: Michael

What do you do when your washed up and can't get a job as an actor anymore, or if your 15 minutes of fame are over? Why, you go on The Surreal Life, of course. Seriously, it's a great cast, and I challenge you to recognize any of the names (ok, so we are gonna list what they are from) but humor me.

The third season cast includes Full House nice guy Dave Coulier, Public Enemy rapper and hip-hop jester Flavor Flav, former-New Kid On The Block Jordan Knight, Red Sonja star and ex-Mrs. Sylvester Stallone Brigitte Nielsen, American Idol runner-up Ryan Starr and Mrs. "Cuchi Cuchi" herself, Charo.

They live in a live videotaped home 24/7 and we, the avid tv viewer, get to watch em. Woohoo! Maybe if we are lucky some celebrities will stop by!


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