MoviesOnline Review Contest !

Posted by: MacReady

Another week another contest for all you movie fans out there. This one is a doozie. You can win a $40 Ebay Gift Certificate. That will buy you a whole lot of great ebay movies.. or socks and underwear, buy whatever you like with it. Whats the contest you ask? Its a review writing contest.

"I want to win. What to do?", you say? We will give the certificate to the best review contributed to the site this week.  It doesnt matter if you want to review, a new movie or an old movie. Every movie in our database can be reviewed. So to write a review use the movie search, lookup the flick, click on the one you wanna review and hit "write a review" below the synopsis. Done and Done! Really easy.

There are just a few things to remember. Do not write in all capslock. Try and tell us something when you write your review, not just 2 or 3 line reviews. All reviews are pre-approved, so dont bother spamming or posting reviews that are not suitable. IE, to short, or offensive in nature. Most imprtantly you can enter as many times as you like, IE write as many reviews as you want and each review will count as an entry. !

The contest starts NOW (reviews already contributed dont count) and runs 1 week till Sunday, September 25th. Then the staff will pick a winner on Monday, based on how well the review is written. So watch some movies, review them and maybe you will be the winner of our US$ 40.- Ebay Gift Certificate. Good Luck!!


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