George Lucas, More Star Wars in 2006

Posted by: Michael

Alright more Stars Wars! I am sure I am not alone in my dissapointment of the three new star wars movies. They failed to complete my childhood dreams of Star Wars and what I would expect. Sure the CGI was great and some of the scenes were awesome, but dont get me started on Jar Jar or some of the acting that was so wooden he could have cast Pinocchio.

George Lucas 100% confirmed that their will be a new live action TV series but it wont happen until 2006. According to George he has alot of work to do, including writing a script. I sure hope George is a fan of Firefly. That is a kick ass sci-fi series he could learn something from. I have high hopes for this new star wars TV series. George is quotted as saying

"There will be a live-action show, but I don't know if it'll be in 2006," he says. "I haven't even started writing the script. It's all minor, minor characters. It's not the Skywalker story at all - that's going on in another part of the galaxy."

Earlier we reportet that George has bragged he is going to make a TV show that would normally be done for $20million for $1million by using top notch technology. According to the director, the series will be shot on a Sony digital camera system that anyone can buy at an electronics store.

Lucas has a live action and an animated series in the works. The new animated series is a 3-D animated Clone Wars series that will be made at Lucas Animation's Singapore facility. George Lucas said that he will start scouring Asia for talent and then is trying to build up 3-D animation there.

"It's also a way for me to get my foot into anime, which I like"

Anyrate stay tuned.. lets see where this heads. Right now its all smoke and mirrors but just as we have always reported Star Wars lives on. I wonder how long till he makes 3 more movies.


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