Hakeems Cry Wolf Movie Review

Posted by: Hakeem

A combination of Urban Legends and Gossip, but with no known stars, gore or nudity, Cry_Wolf tells the story of rich high school kids who think they're the shit and so they make up a serial killer after a girl is murdered in the campus premises. Only one girl died, but the story they put in the mass email that gets sent to the entire school is that this is not the The Wolf's, as they named the killer, first hit. The rumor is that other kids have been killed before her, and they even describe the killings as if it happened to each one of them. But soon The Wolf comes to life, and the friends start dying one by one just as they described it in the story, and they all think it's one of them that is dressing as The Wolf and killing them. They are all suspects, and the killer is probably Jon Bon Jovi, but you can never be sure.

Yes, Bon Jovi is in the movie, along with Jared Padalecki, who was in the very hated though I loved it Paris Hilton debut movie House of Wax remake earlier this year, and then a bunch of unknowns like Julian Morris as Owen, the very smart guy who's been recently expelled from various schools, and Lindy Booth as Dodger, the queen of the school who manipulates them all. Then of course we have the fat guy, the piercings guy, the black guy, the Latina girl, and the Asian girl, with Padalecki playing Owen's jock roommate Tom. And there's also the creepy old maintenance guy. He's not there much but at the end he brings a big laugh, a very lame big laugh. Btw, that the main guy Owen is British is very annoying. That was one exaggerated accent (even though the actor is British) and it felt weird, specially since his father (Gary Cole) didn't have that much of an accent.

I knew who the killer really was around the middle point of the movie, not bad considering you can usually spot him at the beginning. But after he's revealed the movie plays a big cheat on us and changes the rules. It's a good and smart idea, but I was already done with the movie after the killer was revealed so I kind of didn't care about it.

Writer/Director Jeff Wadley, responsible for the award winning short The Tower of Babble and the also award winning animation Catching Kringle made this movie, but all that turns into nothing when your first big time movie is a ripoff of other movies, and you don't have the balls to make it Rated R to scare us, disgust us even, or at least a tit. But no, this movie brings nothing new to the genre. And while not super original, the idea of the killer communicating via the highly popular instant messages could've worked just fine, but it's not used that well. Cry_Wolf is bad, but it could've been worse.


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