Goon's Exorcism of Emily Rose Review

Posted by: Goon

At first I must admit I wasn't to excited about another movie involving excorcism. But when I saw the trailer and heard that it was going to focus more on the trial of the exorcism. I became very interested.

The movie is based on a true story, about the exorcism of a young woman. The entire story of the actual exorcism is intertwined with the court case which took place sometime after Emily's death. This was a very unique and refreshing way to tell the story instead of rehashing "The Exorcist" story.

Using this style of storytelling leaves you feeling on edge the entire film and the atmosphere was through the roof. All of the story is told in a flashback manner during the case as they describe different instances during her possession. The most poweful being of course the excorcism itself.

Jennifer Carpenter did a tremendous job playing Emily Rose. I was amazed how well she really played out this role. The way she contorted her body and did some of the radical things in this movie is amazing. Her role in the movie really catapulted the movie because without a believable possession in a movie about a possessed woman you have nothing.

Some of the most unsettling moments usually happen during her scenes but there are also quite a few in Laura Linney's scenes. Laura Linney plays a lawyer defending the preacher who performed the exorcism. During the case their is a dark presence and believe me you feel it as well. Although some of the court scenes do tend to drag alittle longer than they should the movie is still powerful.

I've always been in awe of films that really make you feel uneasy when the movie is over. This is one of those movies. Whether or not you believe in God or not this movie will make you think twice. It makes you think "Can I be possessed?" And that is what makes this movie great.

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