Hallowed movie photo gallery added !

Posted by: MacReady

Producer Roy Thomasson provided us with 33 movie photos for the upcoming indie horror movie "Hallowed", directed by Rocky Costanzo. "Hallowed" is the story about a mentally disturbed man who believes he has been sent from God to take the lives of innocent people. The film is dark in nature because of its spiritual undertones, however it is not blasphemous in any way, nor does it single out any religion. It was merely done that way to invent a unique killer.

Unlike your typical man-in-a-mask psycho, Gabriel's appearance is that of a clean cut, door-to-door religious man, dressed in a white-collared shirt, black tie and dark slacks... not your average killer. But Gabriel is intelligent and very dangerous and he attacks his victims at key moments. Rosslyn Roberson portrays the chosen one, Cassie, who is vulnerable to the killer (Gabriel).

Gabriel arrives at her doorstep to read her a bible passage and quickly begins to stalk her. Andrew Martin plays Cassie's boyfriend, Shaun, a college student and top athlete. He doesn't like Gabriel and is destined to keep him away from his girlfriend. But the tables are quickly turned on Shaun when Gabriel shifts his attention from Cassie to him. Rich Hlava portrays Gabriel, the psychopathic killer on a mission.

Be sure to check out all pics in our "Hallowed" gallery here. You also can watch the trailer on the official site.


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