MovieFanatics Newsletter Issue #7

Posted by: MacReady

Our MovieFanatics Newsletter #7 just went out today. In it we had some great new contests. DVDs of "Assault on Precinct 13" (2004), "Cry Baby" Directors Cut , "The Devils Rejects" Dual Disc (DVD + CD) and an "Exorcism of Emily Rose" Review Contest - the lucky review winner will win a $20 ebay gift certificate. So check your inbox if you are registered as a Movie Fanatic.

Feel free to signup for the MovieFanatics Newsletter Click Here.And remember your information is only used to send you the newsletter. Nothing else! Also keep in mind if you are signing up to NOT use emails like lycos or hotmail which tend to block newsletters. If you have won, send us an email with your adress and CLAIM your prize. Nothing worse then winning a prize and not claiming it.

So now on with what you are all here for, last weeks winners. The winner of the "Blues Brothers "Special Edition DVD is : Matt Orsman. The winner of "Hide & Creep" on DVD is Ken Cenerelli. The winner of the "Skeleton Key" T-Shirt is Elise Beaudry and last but certainly not least the 3 winners of "Grave Girls" the Zombie Comic are, Zak Tatham, Teena Inman & Matt Orsman ( wow Matt you won 2 contests you got some great karma.. go buy some lottery tickets).


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