Exorcism of Emily Rose Scares up Top Box Office

Posted by: Michael

This weekend "Exorcism of Emily Rose" blew the rest of the competition away with an estimated opening of $30.2 million. I knew it was probably going to get the number one spot but I had no idea it would average $10,130 per theatre. We dont have a review up on site yet, but you can read a great review on our sister site Horror-Movies.ca right here

In an extremely rare decision, the Catholic Church officially recognized the demonic possession of a 19 year-old college freshman. Told in terrifying flashbacks, the movie chronicles the haunting trial of the priest accused of negligence resulting in the death of the young girl believed to be possessed.

Inspired by true events, the film stars Laura Linney as the lawyer who takes on the task of defending the priest (Tom Wilkinson) who performed the controversial exorcism...


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