The Changeling Remake in the works

Posted by: MacReady

According to THR Andrew Rona, once partnered with co-president Brad Weston at the Dimension label, is joining Rogue Pictures, the Focus Features genre film label, as president of production. What this has to do with a Changeling remake you ask? Rona will produce, acquire and release a lot of genre movies. Currently in preproduction at Rogue is the Platinum Dunes remake of "The Hitcher", and in development is a new version of "The Changeling".

If you haven't seen the original movie yet, be sure to check it out. It is one of the horror movies that inspired a lot of other films and it is definitely worth watching. The 1980 version was directed by Peter Medak and George C. Scott played the lead character.

Scott plays the role of a widower music teacher. After the death of his wife, he moves to Seattle in hopes of starting a new life in a grand old mansion. Unfortunately, his new home turns out to be haunted by the troublesome ghost of a murdered child bent on revenge after 70 years of torment.


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