New Titles Coming to PSP

Posted by: Michael

Universal Pictures International (UPI) announced today its plans to release three waves of feature film titles in 2005 on the NEW Universal Media Disc (UMD) format, playable on Sony's new PlayStation Portable videogame system (PSP).

The announcement was made by Peter Smith, President of Universal Pictures International who commented, "The PSP is an exciting piece of technology that extends the film viewing experience into an expanding realm of portable devices. It provides a flexible and convenient way for consumers to enjoy Universal product at any time in any place. Portable systems represent a significant growth area for content delivery in our business".

The following titles are scheduled to be released by Universal this year:

Title Release
Van Helsing Available now
8 Mile Available now
Bourne Supremacy Available now
The Mummy Returns 19/09/2005
Eddie Izzard 26/09/2005
League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse 03/10/2005
The Fast and the Furious 24/10/2005
Riddick 24/10/2005
Bourne Identity 24/10/2005
A Bear's Tail - Complete 1st Series 31/10/2005
2 Fast 2 Furious 14/11/2005
The Mummy 14/11/2005
Hulk 14/11/2005
Extras - Complete 1st Series with Ricky Gervais 14/11/2005
Peter Kay Live at Manchester Arena 14/11/2005
Soccer AM2 - Greatest Players 14/11/2005
Battlestar Gallactica (series 1 eps 1-3) 14/11/2005
Unleashed 21/11/2005
Mr Bean Vol 2 28/11/2005
Green Street 26/12/2005
Lee Evans XL Tour Live 09/01/2006

UMDs are 2.3-inch optical discs housed in protective cases. With data storage capacity of 1.8GB, the discs are capable of holding up to 140 minutes of DVD quality video. The format was developed by Sony for the PlayStation Portable gaming system. Earlier this year, the company announced plans to open the format to content providers interested in releasing movies and music on UMD, as well as to other hardware manufacturers who want to create systems that play the discs.


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