Dudes Box Office Report 9/2005

Posted by: The Dude

Dude here again. Another weekend, another set of numbers to report on. I do it because I care. And because they asked me to. And because I'm a sucker for free t-shirts. Actually that last part has nothing to do with writing the box office recap.

This week, there's an extra day of tally, it being Labor Day weekend. (Hence, why I'm writing this on Monday instead of Sunday, as per usual). There was also a large destruction of part of the the southern US, which I'm sure shallow box office analysts will point to as yet another reason for the box office slump. I digress. Let's go to the numbers, shall we? (All in millions, remember, and these are the studio estimates. Numbers could change on Tuesday).

  • Transporter 2 (FOX) - $20.3, 3303 screens, week 1, $20.3 total
  • The 40 Year Old Virgin (UNI) - $16.5, 2901 screens, week 3, $71.9 total
  • The Constant Gardner (FOCUS) - $10.8, 1346 screens, week 1 $12.5 total (wed. open)
  • Red Eye (DW) - $9.3, 3134 screens, week 3, $45.4 total
  • The Brothers Grimm (Dim/MGM) - $7.9, 3098 screens, week 2, $27.6 total
  • Four Brothers (PAR) - $6.4, 2435 screens, week 4, $64.4 total
  • Wedding Crashers (NL) - $5.8, 2416 screens, week 8, $195.7 total
  • March of the Penguins (WIP)- $5.4, 2506 screens, week 11, $63.4 total
  • Skeleton Key (UNI) - $4.1, 2414 screens, week 4, $43.8 total
  • The Cave (ScrGems)- $3.7, 2195 screens, week 2, $11.7 total

Ok, those are the numbers, so what does this all mean? If you're the Transporter it means you've done it and kicked the asses of the unsuspecting once again. Seeing as how the first movie opened in fourth, and wasn't too heavily promoted, it's pretty impressive that they came out with a second one. I'm happy, becuase I love these movies, but still, who really saw a theatrical release for this? Luckily, this meanas that there might be one last Transporter movies in our future, if we're lucky. (I recommend bringing in Tony Jaa, to up the ante, and maybe have a tragic twist ending). This also means that Fox will probably realize that Jason Statham is a draw, and will most likely hire him to headline a few more films. (Possibly).

If you're the makers of The Constant Gardner, you're probably pretty damn excited that you're movie opened as strong as it did. A more mature thinking person's thriller starring Ralph Fiennes opening at the end of August/beginning of September, directed by the man who brought us the brilliant City of God, I don't think too many expected this to perform that well. More power to it, the movie looks great.

If you happened to be involved with Underclassmen, the Nick Cannon undercover at a prep school flick, or A Sound of Thunder, a sci-fi flick that's been gathering dust for two years, you're probably embarrassed that your name is involved. Underclassmen opened in 11th place with $3.1 million, and Thunder roared to an incredible $1.2 million, which given it's estimated $80 million budget (according to Box Office Mojo) ranks it up there along with Pluto Nash as a costly flop. It's always the ones that go out with a whimper that hurt the hardest.

The holdovers are doing well, making up their budgets a little bit at a time. The virgin and the red eye continue to hold up surprisingly well as more and more movies continue to saturate the marketplace. Brothers Grimm is losing interest, which is sad, because Gilliam deserves a hit. An off Gilliam is still worth checking out. Lower on the list, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory broke the $200 million gross, making it the fourth movie this year to cross that barrier (With Wedding Crashers looking to be fifth next week).

There you have my wonderful break down. Next week, it looks like things will be slowing down even more, as schools start. Next week we get the Exorcism of Emily Rose and The Man, so we'll see what the public wants, another PG-13 horror winner (even though I hear the film is more about the trial of the man who performed the exorcism as opposed to the actual possession as the ads would make you believe) or another mismatched buddy cop pairing (although the casting of it could take it beyond the premise). Time will tell.

Until next weekend....


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