Nin X Nin Review and Movie Photos

Posted by: MacReady

THX to our buddie Enders4You we now have a review and pics for Masayuki Suzuki's Nin X Nin (Ninja Hattori-kun The Movie). Shingo Katori, one of the members of Japan's top pop group SMAP, stars as Ninja Hattori-kun in the latest live-action adaptation of the hit manga / live-action TV / anime series. But now to read the review, just click Enders4You's Review. THX to Enders4You for this Review and the pics. To view all moviephotos just visit our gallery here.

Sadly there is no US release so far, so the only way to actually view the film would have to import it. With the very nice packaging for this DVD it will be worth the money.


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