New Werewolf Film - Freeborn

Posted by: deadmanwalkin

If someone told you werewolves exist...  Would you believe?  And if you knew for sure... Could you keep it a secret?  And if you couldn't... Would you become one?


Wes Craven.. the deadman is putting you on notice on how to make a "kick ass" werewolf film.  You want to know what looks good.. do you want to know what makes the fans of the werewolf sub genre want to "rip their flesh" and "howl at the moon" in shear joy? 

Ok.. the ripping of the flesh is a bit much.. but I'm howling baby.. because the upcoming film by Anthony Brownrigg - "Freeborn" has the look and feel of a quality movie that werewolf fans have been waiting for.. can I get a Napoleon Dynamite "SWEET!"

You can check out the final teaser trailer for Freeborn here.. and you can bet that we'll keep an eye out for any new information about this film.


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